Friday, May 11, 2007

This is just the beginning

We once went to the movies and left Kevin with friends of ours (whose child is friends with Kevin.) We went to lunch a couple of times and to a musical and left Kevin with his grandparents. We went to a Bible study meeting once and left Kevin with a friend who was staying at our house for awhile and who Kevin has known as long as he's known us.

Never have we had a "real," teenage babysitter for more than an hour. And never have we not taken Kevin to a party with us.

Until tonight.

All I can say is... FREEEEEDOOOOOM!!

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Pat said...

Yeah, it's a mindblowing thing, being able to go to movies YOU want to see, and restaurants that don't have corndogs/cheese pizza/mac n cheese as staples on the menu :-)

Congrats for this transition :-)