Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Fighting my teammate

On my drive to work this morning, I was thinking through a previous conversation with a friend about something I struggle with. As is often the case, when I thought through the conversation after-the-fact, I came up with better ways to say the things I meant to say. One line I thought up was, "This is a result of me wrestling with God and [blank] won." I first put my name in as the winner. Well, that didn't make sense, because I'm still struggling! No, that's not the answer. As wrestling matches go, the person who doesn't lose is the winner. Given that, God must've won our wrestling match. But no, that's not the answer either. I mean, really - why would God be happy that I'm still struggling with something?

So if God didn't win and I didn't win, what the heck kind of sport is that? We're wrestling and the only way for either of us to win is if we both win? That must mean we're on the same team. Tell me again why we're wrestling against one another??

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