Thursday, May 20, 2004

Out of the mouths of babes

Yesterday, a generous friend of ours from church notarized our adoption dossier documents. She has 4 children who were all at home at the time and they watched fairly closely while their mom took care of signing, dating, rubber stamping, and embossed stamping our papers. One of the children asked her mom whether she and dad had to do that for their adoptions ("Yes") while another child asked, "If they're the ones adopting, why are you doing all of the work?"

After the signing was complete, I organized the papers and one of the other children, who had been in timeout since I arrived, came into the kitchen asking where his sword was. Mom answered where it was and stated that he was still not allowed to play with it. He asked again if he could play with it and she responded that he could not. She told him that he needed to make some good choices before he was allowed to play with the sword again. She asked him if he knew what a good choice might be and he responded, "For me to ask you if I can play with the sword and for you to answer 'Yes.'"

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