Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Our dossier is embassy-bound

Today I Fed-Exed our notarized, certified, and Great Sealed dossier documents to the Guatemalan Embassy in Washington, DC. There they will be "legalized" and returned to us. We'll put a bunch of other papers together with them (some photo pages, INS forms, etc.) and make a few photocopies of everything and then we'll send it all to our placing agency in Georgia. They'll send the originals to their lawyer in Guatemala who will provide us with a referral. That is, if we don't choose a "waiting child" from the list.

If we are referred a child by the lawyer, it will most likely be an infant (<12 months old) boy. Because we aren't particularly interested in having an infant, we may select a child from the photolisting of waiting children. However, there are only 2 children on the waiting list through our agency at the moment. We'll think it over, pray about it, and see what comes out as our best choice.

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