Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Stifled by cicadas

I'm missing a game of ultimate frisbee with my coworkers right now because the cicadas are out in full force. I got brave over the weekend and spent some time outside in the yard, but today they seem even more mobile and active than they have been. I ran an errand this morning and hit more than the usual number of them with my truck. And in the parking lot while on said errand, the few ornamental trees there were just buzzing with the critters. I can only imagine how many cicadas the guys are sharing the ultimate field with today. It is surrounded by mature forest.

My office is on the top floor of a 4-story building and there is an almost constant "swarm" of cicadas flying by, landing on the building, and hitting the window. They are covering the trees below and flying back and forth between them at a rapid pace. They appear as busy as ants, although they don't come close to flying in a straight line.

I know that those of you who live around here are probably tired of hearing about the cicadas - but you know what? It only happens every 17 years, so what's the big deal with a few more conversations about them? They really are affecting most peoples' daily lives (not in the way that they're keeping me from playing ultimate, but that their noise is disruptive or the stench of the dead ones is wreaking havoc with their noses) and they're pretty interesting to keep an eye on. So, I'll keep talking about them with people. I don't have any grand theological or spiritual understandings from them, but I think it's cool to find out whose yards have them and how people are affected by their enormous presence.

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