Sunday, July 17, 2005

Big George!

Today is my birthday and I got an international present from people who don't even know me. I got to read that George Hincapie won today's stage in the Tour de France! Wow, George! Here are some quotes from that help explain why George so deserved the chance to cross the line first:

George Hincapie has become the first team-mate of Lance Armstrong to win a stage of the Tour since 1999.

[George] has been a member of Armstrong’s team for each victorious campaign.

Since the beginning of the Armstrong Era none of his team-mates have ever won a stage (with the exception of the team time trial, of course). Today Hincapie is in prime position to change that fact. The American is the only rider to have been with Armstrong for each of the Texan’s winning campaigns.

He rules! Thanks for the birthday present, George. And also to the Discovery Channel team as nobody does anything without the team director's (Johan Bruyneel) and team captain's (Lance Armstrong) approval.

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