Thursday, July 07, 2005

The Office

Early this spring, I caught The Office on NBC and I laughed out loud. I was able to watch a couple of episodes before it was removed from the airwaves. I don't know whether it'll be back or not, but I sure enjoyed it and would like to see more.

That show is based on BBC's The Office. I've borrowed a season of the show on DVD from a friend and I've watched 3 episodes so far. I know that a couple of friends will want to flog me when I say that I enjoyed the US version better, but there it is - I enjoyed the US version better.

The BBC version is too raunchy for my tastes and there were jokes that I'm sure I missed because of not being able to hear or understand what they were saying. I also like the main actor in the US version better - he just seems more genuine but clueless than the British guy and I "get" the jokes on there better.

For what it's worth, that's my opinion.

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