Thursday, July 14, 2005

It's a coca-cola afternoon

I don't drink much soda. When I do (usually at parties), it's caffeine-free as I am not very tolerant of caffeine and sometimes it gives me migraines. Today, however, I just popped open a can of Coke. I'm falling asleep at my desk* and that is a bad idea for someone who would benefit from retaining her current employment.

If I sip it slowly (which is hard for me to do which is a reason why I don't drink much in the way of alcoholic beverages) I should gain the alerting effects of the caffeine without getting jittery and without getting a migraine.

Here's to a more productive afternoon starting in about a half hour. Cheers.

* This is a true statement, it is not an oxymoron**.

** Funny line from Renaissance Man - "Hey, you can't call me no 'ox moron.'"

Update - Wow, that makes no sense. I meant to say hyperbole, not oxymoron. Yikes.

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