Saturday, July 09, 2005

A few hours to myself

Andy is driving his dad to Dulles airport and he took Kevin with him. Kevin will play with Abuelita & Tia Christy and Andy will pick him back up on his way home. This gives me a few hours at home by myself. Hallelujah!

Order of events:

  • Watch TV and eat ice cream

  • Fall asleep watching TV

  • Wake up to phone ringing (this wasn't part of the plan but it happened)

  • Slight re-organization of crafting area/desk

  • Catch up on day's Tour de France coverage

  • Listen to Jason's Lyric soundtrack

  • Write blog entry

  • Plan next scrapbook: ours and Kevin's journey to becoming a family ending with our trip to Guatemala

  • Put some puzzle pieces together (State Birds and Flowers jigsaw puzzle laid out on dining room table yesterday.)

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