Friday, October 28, 2005


I've posted previously about freecycling but I recently threw my hat back into the ring attempting to get rid of a few things without having to just send them to the landfill. Now, I understand that nobody wanted a broken freezer. Crazier things have been taken on the local freecycle list, but I'm ok with people not stampeding in a mad rush to come get our broken freezer.

I wasn't so ok with nobody wanting to take 2 brand-new Fram oil filters. They were FREE, people. Many would argue that Fram is top of the line and these were SureGrip style, with the rubbery grippy part so that your hand doesn't slide around while trying to twist it off the engine. I expected people to stampede in a mad rush to come get our brand-new Fram oil filters.

I told Andy of my bafflement and our conversation went like this.

Me: How can nobody want 2 Fram oil filters for free?

Andy: People don't change their own oil anymore.

Me: Oh, come on - I can't be the only person.

Andy: Probably not, but how many of those people also use the Internet?

I think he's onto something.

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