Tuesday, October 11, 2005

What Dianne Needs

This is so good that I'm posting it before anything else interesting such as a description of our very rainy and non-birdy birding weekend in Cape May and pictures from said weekend.

This is most recently from Betsy. The task: Google "[your name] needs". Here's what came up first for me:

  • Dianne needs to understand also the struggles of African-Americans could be helped and I say,could be helped,by marriage.

  • Dianne needs lots of reassurance that she is worth loving.

  • Dianne needs state President reports for the year by June 6

  • Dianne needs to know about lifestyle changes

  • Dianne needs to get her facts straight, dumb chick

  • Dianne needs a healing and God's strength.

  • Dianne needs support and not discord

  • Dianne needs to start getting some idea of how many people may show up

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