Saturday, October 22, 2005

Left home without it

Today I was a rebel... we went out for a few hours without the diaper bag. Granted, I knew we wouldn't need the diapers but I didn't even have any extra clothes for Kevin. I probably won't do that again anytime soon, but it was my way of saying to the world, "My son has had 4 non-disastrous days in a row wearing underwear!" Not that anybody but I knew that I was out sans diaper bag, but still.

In an unrelated note, the poor kid is sick with what seems to be a cold. We're hoping that's all it is and that it doesn't get much worse. We don't want him to have to use the nebulizer again.

In another unrelated note, I dropped the digital camera we've been borrowing from one of Andy's coworkers and now it doesn't work. I coulda done without that.

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