Saturday, April 15, 2006

Four Years Old

Today is Kevin's 4th birthday! We had a party for him last weekend and he's received some presents and extra Happy Birthday singing since then. Today we went to an Easter party during which he was surprised with another Happy Birthday song which he loved and hated all at one time. He wasn't traumatized, he was just overwhelmed and he quickly got over it.

Amid the birthday parties, Easter egg hunts and Easter baskets, we have more sugar in our house right now than any other food group. I know that sugar isn't a food group in and of itself but it would be if the USDA saw our cupboards.

Also important this month is the anniversary of Kevin being with us for a year and a half. Kevin has now been in our family longer than he has been with any other caregiver in his life. He may have no conscious notion of that, but we can see that he continues to work through his attachment and grief. And he becomes a more amazing person every day.

Happy Birthday, Kevin!

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