Friday, April 07, 2006

Think I'm anxious?

Tomorrow is Kevin's birthday party wherein we will celebrate him turning 4 years old. 4 years old!!! We don't have anything planned for it except for lunch, pinata and cake & ice cream. We were hoping to let the kids just run around in the yard playing with the slide, the soccer goal, sandbox, etc. The forecast is for rain. So... either I quickly plan some inside games for everyone to participate in and then I have to preside over them instead of taking care of party details which is what I prefer or I can just let it ride and say, "Hey kids, it's a free-for-all, do whatever you want" and watch them all stand around looking at each other from different corners of the room. Hmm... I vote for the latter because there will be 14 adults here besides me who can take care of the kids should the gathering turn into a middle school dance.

Last night wasn't our best night of sleep as Kevin was awake for an hour and a half, crying for part of the time and extremely unhappy that I was only giving him the choice to sleep in his bed or on the floor in our room. He clearly wanted to sleep in our bed and nothing else would do. I didn't sleep much from 2:30 on but when I did, I had dreams. Crazy dreams. Weird, more-usual-for-Dianne dreams than I've had in awhile and the "best" one was about tomorrow's party. It went something like this.

I was on my way home from somewhere (maybe a beach crop weekend) before the party and ran out of gas in the car. I had a friend along with me (Hi, Amy!) and we coasted to the shoulder while discussing our options. We got out of the car and looked around to see how far we were from civilization and when we turned back around, the car was rolling back down the hill much too fast for me to catch it. Shoot!

Fast-forward to the party as I'd somehow gotten home and was totally unprepared but nobody showed up until 45 minutes after the official start-time anyway. Then the storm came... not just any storm - there were tornadoes! The kids were freaking out, I was freaking out... We were in a different house and of course, there were plate-glass windows all along the side of the house where the storms were coming from so we could see the twisters coming. I should've been making sure that everyone got into the basement but I didn't seem to pay attention to that as I was trying to finish cleaning the house as if it mattered at that point when everyone was already there and the house was about to be blown to bits and thrown to some other address.

I must've woken up before any twisters hit the house but I surely am not looking as forward to tomorrow as I was before ;-)

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