Friday, April 21, 2006

The sounds of sickness and the sleep of the drugged

I am on antibiotics for bronchitis and a sinus infection. Been on medicine for 5 days and still have plenty wrong. I thought I got sick from Andy, who was sick a couple of weeks ago but it turns out I probably got my germs from my coworkers.

After being on antibiotic and codeine for a sinus infection with coughing a couple of weeks ago, Andy's cough 'came back' and got worse to the point that he coughed up some blood this morning so he went back to the doctor and was diagnosed with acute bronchitis. He's on another medication and was instructed to get a chest x-ray if he's still coughing next week.

Speaking of codeine, Andy sleeps like a hibernating bear when he's on that stuff, which is kind of crazy because he usually sleeps terribly. When he's on the codeine, it's as if he melts into the mattress and everything in his throat relaxes into a puddle making him snore like the dickens.

Kevin was on antibiotics for 2 days when we thought he had an infection that boys don't generally get and he was also scheduled for some more tests, one of which is really nerve-wracking and unpleasant, but now we've learned that although something is/was wrong, it wasn't an infection. So now he has another appointment with his regular doctor before doing any further crazy tests and hopefully we'll figure out what went wrong with him but we might not. If it never happens again, I don't really care if I know why it ever happened. His symptoms have diminished and we're ever so grateful for that.

Andy and I are being great parents these days - all we want to do is sleep and ask the other parent to take care of the kid.

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