Monday, May 29, 2006

"Meet the Neighbors" cookout, Take 1

We're really going to do it. I mean it. This year, we are going to have that neighborhood picnic that we've wanted to have since we moved in. Honestly, we've always been really excited to host a cookout out our house for everyone on our street, but the inviting stage has kept us from doing it. I know that in order to get a good turnout (not for our the sake of our egos but so that people can actually meet each other) people need to be personally invited. So I feel that I need to go door to door inviting everyone. Now, if someone isn't home, I'm ok with putting a note on their door because at least I tried. But I wouldn't see the point in planning the whole thing if nobody was going to show up and that's what I imagine will happen anyway but at least this way it won't be my fault for not properly inviting them.

I'm working on the flyer now but I still don't have a date. I'm sure you'll be hearing more about this as the plans move forward.

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