Saturday, May 20, 2006

Pop Culture Diva

I'm quite out of touch with most of the pop culture these days but I do have a few opinions on some things I've read, seen and heard lately.

1) Survivor Panama: Exile Island - While I did learn to like Aras more at the end of the game, I was bummed that he and Danielle were the Final Two. I realized when Danielle chose Aras that I really wanted Terry or Cirie to win. Between those two, it would be hard to pick but I think I'd pick Terry only because I have a bent toward thinking that the physical part of the game is more important than the social part, although Cirie blasted all of the competition in the social game. Of course, I think Austin should've won but that's obvious because I'm sure his smile won you over as much as it did me. But it's not a contest in looks after the first few tribal councils, right?

2) The Da Vinci Code - I read the book and thoroughly enjoyed it. Despite the bad reviews I've read this week, I would like to see the movie. And for the record, I don't think there should be a big deal made about this FICTIONAL NOVEL possibly being blasphemous. Do I think people should talk about how the movie story makes them feel if they feel something about it? Sure, conversation is always good.

3) CSI: Crime Scene Investigation - Last night we watched our taped copy of the season finale. Oh my gosh, could the ending have been any worse?? I'm so amazingly opposed to the storyline of Sara and Grissom because it's more like a father/daughter relationship than anything else so I don't buy the romantic thing at all and I can't believe that the writers went where they did at the end of the episode. While the camera was panning the bedroom where Grissom was lounging in a Hawaiian shirt and it was obvious that was not his pink bedspread, I gasped in horror at the thought of it being Sara's room and Andy said, "Surely he's with the blonde lady [Sofia]" and then - eww - it was Sara. So disappointing.

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