Tuesday, September 13, 2005

What's up

  • Kevin's Parks & Rec class, "Twist, Jump & Shout," was cancelled so he is now registered for U.K. Elite Petite Soccer for an hour on Thursdays. We had to buy him shin guards - I never knew they made 5-inch long shin guards. They're labeled "Size: Peewee."

  • Last Thursday Andy finally went to the climbing gym with no injury to stop him only to find a "Closed for the evening" sign on the door.

  • Last night while brushing Kevin's teeth he cried more than usual and his toothbrush came out pink. We discovered that he now has 19 teeth instead of 20. He has an appointment with the dentist tomorrow.

  • Tomorrow we have an appointment with our social worker for our 12-month post-placement report interview. Yup, we'll celebrate our 1-yr anniversary as a family in 2 weeks. Hard to believe!

  • This weekend we're planning to go camping. We spent one night in our tent on our church property but this will be our first family-only camping trip to a park.

  • I have an appointment to get my hair cut (and donate it) on Wednesday, Sept 28th. Instead of a buzz-cut like last time, I think I'll go for a round, "frumpy mom" cut.

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