Monday, December 19, 2005

Need legal documents without the legal fees? Call me.

Oh, I'm good. I always knew it but it's best for my social life if I don't flaunt it, you know? Last night I was typing up a motion to the court for the return of our original documents handed into the court clerk's office and then to the master's office to prepare for our readoption hearing and I found online an example motion for the district court of Clark County, Nevada. Our hearing was nowhere near Nevada but I figured the basic information that needed to be in our motion would be the same.

We met with the master this morning in the Circuit Court of Howard County, MD, and she said, "Wow, you're better than an attorney - they never give up the originals" as she held up Kevin's Guatemalan birth certificate. "Well," I responded, "I was told that's how it had to be. We are planning to request that they be returned to us." She answered that I'd have to file a motion and I told her that I'd brought a written request with us. She said, "Well, you'll need to do it in motion format." "Oh, but I did," I answered with a snooty smile. Actually, no - it was more like, "I tried to do that; who can look at it and let me know if it is acceptable?" She looked at it and said, "This will be just fine! You can file it in the clerk's office downstairs." "Suh-weet!!" I said. Or something to that effect.

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