Thursday, April 22, 2004

Bike to Work Day 2004

The Washington Area Bicyclist Association is hosting this year's Bike To Work Day on May 7th. It's a great day to consider riding to work as there will be convoys available (to help you with your route) and lots of support, including rallies with food and prizes.

I used to ride to work. I lived about 12 miles from my office and it was a fairly straightforward jaunt across Rte 216 West to Rte 29 South into Silver Spring. Fortunately for automobile commuters but unfortunately for bicyclists (recreational as well as commuter), Route 29 is undergoing major construction along its length from Laurel to Silver Spring to make it a limited access highway. Bicycles are not allowed and there are not many alternatives for cyclists. Alternative roads are out of the way, narrow, and congested with rush-hour automobiles whose drivers want nothing to do with bicyclists on their roads (hence creating an even less safe environment.)

How awesome (and well-used) would a bike trail/path/lane in the area of Route 29 be between Silver Spring and Ellicott City, or even Columbia? That would be sweet.

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