Saturday, April 17, 2004

Humanitarian Aid in Iraq

We all want to help. We all want to make a difference. So often, we feel that there is no way we are big enough to do so or we don't know of channels to utilize to provide real help. Fortunately, I know of one way.

Our brother-in-law is stationed in Iraq with the 835th Army Corps Support Battalion. His unit, along with others, have adopted some local schools and villages and are collecting and distributing supplies to them. I offered to collect and send some from our friends and family, and things have turned downright amazing. One man in our church has called local office supply and grocery stores soliciting donations. Numerous others have asked me questions related to their donations - are used items ok? are sample sizes ok? Norm's answers - Yes and yes.

What items are needed? The school masters and village elders have compiled the following lists.

School supplies:




Learn to read books


Village supplies:




Shoes (laces tied together)

Childrens' clothing

I'm hoping to send at least a preliminary batch of supplies on Monday, May 3rd. If people have things available after then, I can send another batch later, especially if I know that the items are coming after May 3rd.

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