Friday, April 16, 2004

One last fling?

Lately I've been listening to music I haven't listened to in years. It's from the early to mid-90's, which is when I was in college and beginning my professional career. No house, no spouse, no kids. Time was free and the livin' was easy. I didn't give much thought to my music other than to turn it up loud.

Now as I consider being a parent, I know that I have to choose my music more wisely. The lyrics that were ok (I suppose that's debatable) in my younger adult days are not ok for children to hear. And I have learned that children soak up a lot of knowledge and experience when you least expect it.

Perhaps this is why I'm giving one last hoot and holler for Salt 'n Pepa, Heavy D, Bizarre Inc, and Bell Biv Devoe. My chance to listen to them whenever I choose is almost up. Until then, wind up your windows on the drive home if you don't want to hear me singing, "Hey, Yeah... I wanna shoop, Baby...."

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