Thursday, April 29, 2004

My Lot In Life

I’m not an athlete. Don’t get me wrong, I love sports. I’d play ‘em all day if I could. But I’m not designed to be good at them. My sports career peaked when I was 8 years old and I won the Maryland State Class IV Gymnastics Championships in the 6-8 age category. When I turned 9, I was at the bottom of the 9-11 age bracket and it all went downhill from there. When I was in my best physical shape as an adult, I was still only a rung or two from the bottom of the ladder of those I participated in sports with.

I’m not a singer. Oh, wouldn’t that be great if I was. I love to sing and plenty of people around me hear that, but they’d surely enjoy it more if I was any good. Nobody in my family is a good singer; it’s my destiny to be off-key and sound a little (or a lot) too nasally.

I’m not a workaholic. I know that we learn in church and self-help books and from Oprah that workaholics are not to be praised. But how often do you really see the non-workaholics of us being praised for stopping in the middle of a job? That’s not to say that I will leave a job unfinished for a prolonged period of time - it’s just to say that I know my limits and will stop when I’m not being productive enough and I will return to the job after a night’s rest or a mental break (depending on the task at hand.) Actions speak louder than words, and I see in actions that it pays to be a workaholic - even in church.

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