Friday, April 30, 2004

Who is a mother?

Mother's Day is coming up in a week. There are cards at the local store for moms, moms-in-law, women who are like moms, stepmoms, grandmoms, and expectant moms. That's where my question comes in. I'm not expecting a child in that I'm pregnant, but I'm expecting to have a child through adoption in less than 9 months. Does that make me an expectant mother? Seems so. I believe that pregnant women are moms regardless of not yet having given birth. Does that make me a mother? There is a lot of care and nurture that goes on just to carry a fetus and help it to grow into a healthy baby. Likewise, I'm trying to take care of myself in expectation of having kids - I'm trying to lower my cholesterol (dinner at Red Robin for Elesa's birthday didn't count) to stick around for as long a time as I have control over and I'm trying to broaden the preferences of my palate (or at least learn to tolerate that which I do not enjoy). I want to be a good example to our kids.

If Pregnant woman = expectant mom = mom and Adoptive woman = expectant mom, then Adoptive woman = mom. Dianne = Adoptive woman, therefore, Dianne is a mom. QED*. Wow, that's a pretty crazy idea.

*QED = quod erat demonstrandum, a Latin phrase meaning "which was to be done." I knew all those college math classes filled with silly proofs would come in handy some day!

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