Thursday, April 15, 2004

Good Friday poetry

I'm not into poetry. I never write it well and I don't read it well. I have a really hard time understanding it, even when someone tells me what it's about. At our church's Good Friday service, however, the following poem was presented and it touched me much more deeply than any poem has before.

"How shallow former shadows" by Carl P. Daw, Jr.

How shallow former shadows seem beside this great reverse,

As darkness swallows up the light of all the universe.

Creation shivers at the shock, the temple rends its veil.

A pallid stillness stifles time and nature's motions fail.

This is no midday fantasy, no flight of fevered brain.

With vengeance awful, grim and real, chaos is come again.

The hands that formed us from the soil are nailed up on the cross.

The Word that gave us life and breath expires in utter loss.

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