Thursday, April 29, 2004

What’s in your wallet? er, Radio?

Sorry, got my web log confused with a TV commercial.

Lately I’ve found myself reminiscing about the journey that my pickup truck and I have been on over the past 10 years. I’ll leave the details of that to another entry. But one of the things I was so excited about regarding the purchase of my truck was the chance to set the preset buttons on the radio to WHATEVER I WANTED. No more fiddling with the up and down tuning buttons in someone else’s car who didn’t listen to the stations I wanted to listen to.

I don’t recall the stations that I set on that first day of truck ownership, but they stayed as they were for quite some time. I’ve learned in my older age and greater wisdom (stop laughing) that I can continually reset them as needed, so I now change the buttons on a fairly regular basis. Not all of them at the same time, but one or two here and there as my tastes go back and forth. If I had a new car, I’d have a lot more buttons to set and I wouldn’t need to switch them around so much. As it stands, I have 7 presets to choose from. Here’s what they’re currently set to:

100.7, The Bay - Baltimore, MD (classic rock)

106.5, Mix 106.5 - Baltimore, MD (mix)

104.1, The Z - Washington, DC (current popular)

107.3, Mix 107.3 - Washington, DC (mix)

99.5, Hot 99.5 - Washington, DC (current popular)

93.1, WPOC - Baltimore, MD (country)

94.7, The Arrow - Washington, DC (classic rock)

So... what’s programmed into your radio?

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