Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Adoption Update

I'd ask for a drumroll, but that would signify a grander update than this is. I'll hold off on the drumroll until I get something more significant to the masses.

The husband of our adoption coordinator at World Partners is now the Latin American Program Coordinator. What does this mean to us? It means that we get the inside scoop on some things faster than we otherwise might. So Traci, our coordinator, was able to call us to let us know that the lawyer requested our email address. This means that the DNA test will be requested and performed shortly. And why is the DNA test a big deal? Because! More specifically, because without the DNA test proving a match between the birth mother and child, the entire process screeches to a halt. And with the DNA test proving a match, the Embassy will give us pre-approval for Kevin's visa. With the pre-approval for the visa, the PGN will take our case immediately upon it entering there after it goes through Family Court. It makes sense that the PGN would not want to finalize the adoption of a child who was unable to get a visa and move to the adoptive parents' country. When the Embassy pre-approves the visa, they will email us, which is why the lawyer requested our email address.

Summary: Our case is currently in Guatemalan Family Court. The DNA test should take place next week with the results coming 1-2 weeks later and the Embassy notifying us of pre-approval after that. After our case is through Family Court, it will move to the PGN, who makes the final determination on whether the adoption is go for launch. Technically, the Embassy makes the final-final determination but not in the adoption itself, rather, in the travel plans to bring Kevin home when we go down there and attend the exit visa interview.

While this update may not sound as exciting to most of you as an update on Kevin's height and weight measurements would/will be, it was really good to talk with Traci last night and find out that our case is indeed proceeding as expected with no delays yet.

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