Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Some of the Tour de France excitement

From VeloNews's Rider Diary by Tyler Hamilton (an American who used to ride for US Postal with Lance but moved to another team a couple of years ago to make his own mark.)

Yesterday's stage was nuts. If you saw the race on television then you already know the crowds were huge in some spots. And, for some reason, there weren't barriers in every town like there usually are. This meant the folks on the side of the road were free to set up camp in the road while they waited for the race to come barreling through.

The peloton steamrolled through some towns, looking like a wall stretched straight across the road. As it charged forward, fans were jumping back to get out of the way, seemingly one-by-one. People were literally springing from their lawn chairs at the very last second to run for safety leaving their picnics, blankets, cameras and whatever else behind as they did. I even saw one poor person in wheelchair get left behind as his companions darted for safer ground. It's a miracle no one got hurt.

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