Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Our wait may be longer than we expected

Guatadopt includes a post about the length of time that visa pre-approvals are taking in Guatemalan adoptions. We're about to begin that segment of our process, so this is news to know. Apparently the US Embassy in Guatemala is understaffed and can't process visa pre-approvals in the time that they used to.

This portion of the process involves the Embassy providing pre-approval for Kevin's visa to travel into the U.S. when we bring him home. He'll have a Guatemalan passport with a visa to come here. When we travel to Guatemala, we'll go to the Embassy for the "exit interview" to receive final approval for the visa and then we'll go back to pick up the visa. The Secretary General's office (PGN) will not give our adoption final approval until the Embassy has provided pre-approval for Kevin's visa. Once those two pieces come together (Embassy visa pre-approval and PGN approval) then our adoption will be final and we will be notified that it's time to travel. It appears that our expected timeline will need to stretch out a bit.

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