Friday, August 06, 2004

Falling for Fall

I love the seasons of Maryland. We get to sled in the snow, smell the fragrance of new flowers, sizzle in the sun, and bask in the colored array of dying leaves. Each season has its own blessings and annoyances, but the annoyances are what make the next season so delightful to wish for. My favorite season is autumn. Today's weather is more fit for October than the first week of August and it turns my heart toward the upcoming change of seasons that I adore. I long... breathe the golden-colored air of early morning and late afternoon punctuated by ever- lengthening shadows

...for cool breezes whisking in through open windows to tickle the back of my neck harvest crisp, juicy, tart apples and grind them into refreshing applesauce and bake them into scrumptious pies

...for a hike with a jacket on hear the animals gathering nuts in the woods and crackling the dry leaves beneath their paws comb relaxed hair of smooth curls instead of the frenzied frizz of hazy summer days celebrate all that the plants have done for us this year before they take their rest

Summer has its place, but my heart is where Autumn lives.

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