Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Ice Pack, Stat!

Andy says that when he's had fillings in the past, his face has swollen from the anesthetic and that it's always gone the next morning. I had high hopes for myself but they were not fulfilled.

When I woke up, it felt like the swelling was gone, or at least that it had diminished. I passed the mirror without looking, waiting until I was more awake to take a peek (I was concerned about the bruising I was going to see.)

When I looked, the bruising wasn't any worse, but would you believe that the swelling was? My cheek doesn't stick out any further but the golf ball now has a plateau around it. The swelling extends up to my eye and down to my lower jaw.

I don't have as much pain in that area as I did yesterday, so that's good. I can see my cheek, though, when I look at my computer, which is a little distracting. And it's hard to type while holding an ice pack to my face.

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