Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Kevin is not in an orphanage

As happens when people around the world are attempting to communicate loads of information back and forth, an important piece of info in our adoption case was not forwarded to the end of the chain. Kevin is NOT in an orphanage, he lives with a foster family (as most children waiting for adoption in Guatemala do.) The ("CUTEST") photos that I recently mentioned are of Kevin with his foster mom! We will get to meet her when we travel to pick him up and we will get to talk to her about his sleeping and eating schedule, favorite toys, foods, etc. Hopefully he will be able to bring back a favorite blanket, toy, etc. and we will take items with us to give to the foster family as replacements and help for the next children that they take care of. All of the foster families are long-time friends or associates of the lawyer. And, 2 people from our adoption agency met with the foster families on their trip 2 weeks ago and have nothing but praises for all of them.

Apparently the switch from the orphanage to the foster family occurred during the time we were accepting Kevin's referral and getting the basic info on him that our lawyer had at the time. The lawyer closed the orphanage and moved all of the children who were there into foster homes. I may have said this before, but that is one reason why the fees associated with adoption from Guatemala are higher than other countries - the kids are in foster care or in personally-run orphanages that aren't owned or run by the government. Our fees are paying for Kevin's care right now, before he can come home with us.

While this "new" information changes nothing in the grand scheme of things, it does change our understanding of the little guy's journey which will bring him to the U.S. soon. And it's nice to know that he's with a family now and by the photos we've seen recently, he loves them and they love him.

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