Friday, August 20, 2004

You Don't Know Which Ones Are Your Low Beams?

Yesterday morning while pulled up behind a large SUV, I noticed my truck was winking in the reflection. The driver's side headlight was burned out. I went to the auto parts store last night to buy a replacement. Their display of headlights didn't include a book to look up which number I needed so the guy behind the counter looked it up for me in his computer.

"What year?"


"Make and model?"

"Chevy S-10 pickup."

"Low beam or high beam?"

At this point, I gave him a quizzical look as I am fully aware that I need a single, sealed beam unit. My hestitation caused him to clarify his question as such....

"Is it the one that you use all the time or the brighter one?"

I never realized how stupid I must look!

I was able to convince him to find the correct part number and I bought my headlight and went on my merry way. And I used both low beams this morning on my way to work.

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