Thursday, August 05, 2004

Reversible Blessing

Elesa is moving to Guatemala today. It's official; a done deal. I'm sad, but not as sad as I would be if I wasn't traveling to Guatemala in a few months (hopefully) to pick up Kevin. You see, Elesa's presence in Guatemala when we travel is a blessing because we will get to stay at their house instead of in a hotel and utilize their knowledge of the area to get around better and know what's going on.

The blessing extends the other way, too. Our adoption is a blessing because it allows us to see Elesa and her family again! So the "Goodbyes" of the past few weeks have not been as sad for me as they would otherwise. I have the hope that we will see each other again in person shortly. And she has already said that they plan to return to Maryland for a visit around February.

And, of course, now that Elesa and Jeff are both blogging, we'll all get to keep up with them that much better while they're not physically with us!

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