Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Rolling Toward 150,000 Miles

Over the next week or two, my renowned (my description) Chevy S-10 Pickup Truck will roll over 150,000 miles on the odometer. For the past year, I've reminisced about my truck's "life." It's the only vehicle I've ever owned. I bought it new while in college and planned to drive it until it could go no more. Ten years later, it's not on its deathbed but it is ailing. I probably won't witness its final demise because a small truck without an extra-cab is not exactly family-friendly and we'll soon be in a family way. I bet we could get away with having the truck and the van if I were to drive the van with Kevin and Andy were to drive my truck to work. Unfortunately, Andy won't drive my truck (and I don't blame him for that.) He'll drive it on the necessary occasion, but that's it. I couldn't ask him to drive it every day to work unless we were in dire straits. That could still happen, but at this time, we expect we'll replace my truck with a newer vehicle soon.

I know that a lot of people drive their cars for more than 150,000 these days, but this is MY ONLY VEHICLE. In high school, I drove my parents' Mercury Grand Marquis (I passed my driver's test parallel parking that boat) and sometimes their Pontiac Firebird (yeah, that was pretty fun :-) But this truck of mine has been my only vehicle of my own - I've had it since I was in college! I'm a long way from college now. Ten years will change a person, particularly when those 10 years are during the person's transition from college student under their parents' wings to breaking out on their own with a career, marriage, and family. My truck has driven me through a lot of stages.

Stay tuned for more cheesy reminiscing.

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