Monday, January 30, 2006

Enough mice for a volleyball game

We've caught 12 mice now and I'm certain that the number would be higher if we'd put traps out more consistently. Last night and today I heard something rummaging in the kitchen but I couldn't find it. I know that there are more.

When we catch them, we let them go by the wall at the back of our yard and they scurry up it. We always hope that some hungry hawks find them quickly but we really have no idea where they end up. I'm wondering if they're not ending up back in our house. Andy thinks we really have this many different mice living with us. Ick.

Andy suggested that we tag their ears to know whether we get new ones or not but I think it's more reasonable to try spray painting them with that stuff wildlife bioligists use to mark animals. Of course, if they're more noticeable to us, then they'd be more noticeable to the animals farther up in the food chain but I suppose that I'd forsake the scientific method if it means getting less mice in our house.

So, who's up for a slumber party at our house this weekend? We could sleep in the basement :-)

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