Sunday, January 22, 2006

Of mice and us

Last week I noticed that Andy burned one of our oven mitts and the fluffy stuffing was coming out. The next day Andy came face to face with a mouse in our garage. The next day, I noticed that Andy had burned one of our oven mitts even worse and made more stuffing come out of it. What was surprising was that he hadn't cooked anything in those intervening days. Hmmm....

We are missing our cat, Flash, who died last year. He was an incredible mouser when we didn't even know we had mice. Now we have no doubt that we have mice, thanks to the droppings all over the place, oven mitt stuffing thievery and in-person mouse encounters. We bought some live traps that are reusable but they get so gross once a mouse has lived in them for a few hours that we throw them out anyway. The first day that Andy put 2 traps out - one in the garage and one under the oven mitt drawer - we caught 3 mice in the garage trap. (!!) The next day we caught one under the kitchen drawer. Last night we bought 3 more traps and we caught just one mouse today in the garage.

Here, mousey, mousey, mousey - you know you want some peanut butter!

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