Wednesday, January 25, 2006

What percentage of a bunch is 7?

We caught 7 mice over a few days in the garage, basement and kitchen. We haven't seen any new evidence for a day or two so I took the chance of bleaching the utensil drawer and tray and washing all of the utensils and putting them back. The mice chewed on our utensil tray so we know they were in that drawer. Until now, we've been washing each utensil as we need it. Tonight's stand on my part should cause all the mice in the neighborhood to come swarming to our utensil drawer. I can hear them now, chattering away to each other like an evil game of telephone. "Meet me by the forks at midnight - tell your friends!" What they don't know is that I hid the oven mitts and washed all the kitchen towels and I DIDN'T PUT THEM BACK. Ha!

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