Monday, January 02, 2006

So I was sick on New Year's Day

I was pretty sick yesterday and it wasn't the first new year's day I've spent throwing up (although it was never from drinking too much.)

Most (if not all) people that I know who I've ever discussed being sick with say that they don't eat for a few hours or days after having a stomach bug. Maybe they eat a few crackers or some broth but that's it. Some people even lose weight from having a 12-24 hour stomach bug because they continue not to eat for real for a few days.

While I need to lose weight, it never happens from being sick. What is wrong with my body that it craves an all-you-can-eat steak and lobster buffet minutes after being disgustingly ill? I will feel like death warmed over one minute and then it's like somebody flips a switch and the nausea is instantly replaced by even worse nausea coupled with hunger pangs. If I don't eat right away, I get worse. If I eat, then I feel better. If I eat only a little, I feel ok for a few minutes but then I feel so hungry again that I feel sick and have to eat. So I'm best off eating a full meal at that point, which doesn't make any sense because hey, my body clearly didn't want any food in it 60 seconds ago.

Once in my life that I can remember, I lost my appetite when I wasn't in the middle of being sick to my stomach. That was when I had mono so bad that I had to crawl into the lab to get my blood drawn for the test (it was my first time having blood drawn so I'd held off awhile) and my liver was infected so my digestion was messed up. That was a pretty extreme case - it sure seems that I should lose my appetite more often than once in my life.

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