Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Thoughts during the shock of Flash's death

I don't have the time or energy to write anything eloquent so I'm just going to throw together a list of notes about what went through our minds (mine in particular) during the time close to Flash's unexpected, untimely, and instantaneous death.

  • What if it was Kevin? Andy? Me? How much harder to be shocked by a person’s death than a pet’s
  • My high cholesterol numbers
  • Maybe he was too stressed out by Kevin’s presence and it weakened his heart
  • When Sprite (my previous cat of 19 years) died, I missed her but I wanted to get another cat more because I wanted someone/something to love, nurture, and take care of. Flash filled that void. Now that Flash is gone, I don’t have the same void - I miss Flash but I have someone else to fill the need for mothering. Getting another cat or some other pet would probably be more for Kevin than either Andy or me.
  • Amazed by amount of shock and grief and yet ability to retard chaos so that Kevin wasn’t thrown off kilter.
  • Thinking of how to tell Kevin what happened - he doesn’t understand the necessary language and anything he would understand might create fear - “Flash is sick/hurt, going to doctor - he can’t come home with us.” What will Kevin think the next time he has to go to the doctor?
  • Andy: Flash was a transition pet - learned to handle being woken up, having responsibilities, greedy attention needs, etc. His job was done, God says we’re ok with Kevin.
  • Probably more than coincidence that it occurred during the 30 minutes that we were all at home together that day

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