Friday, June 25, 2004

Hiding Kale

Unlike Forrester, kale should not be found. It is a very strongly flavored leaf vegetable related to cabbage. It is so chock-full of vitamins and minerals, though, (it's a great source of iron and calcium and it doesn't come from a cow!) that it's hard for me not to try to eat it. Last night I found one way to start. I ripped up a big kale leaf into small pieces and added it to a casserole of baked ziti. The cheese and sauce flavor overpowered the kale flavor and voila, I was eating kale and enjoying it! Granted, there wasn't much kale in there, but it was a start. And also, I must note that there are still lots of foods that I pick around the green things in, no matter how small and unflavorful they are. So this was a big step and I was so proud of myself while eating it that I was smiling. Andy didn't understand that, but that's ok. I didn't understand his dancing (read: flailing) around the kitchen while we were making dinner, either.

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