Monday, June 21, 2004

What are the cicadas up to these days?

What are the cicadas *up* to isn't necessarily the best question as most of them are now down on the ground, dead. And not just dead, but blown apart dead. I'm sure some of the pieces and parts strewn around the yard are from birds eating them, but I can't imagine that every cicada has parts of it eaten. I think that when they die they dry up to the point that the wind can separate their parts. Either way, they exist mostly in pieces these days, although we still have a few hangers-on making noise in our trees and flying around the yard. The poor guys who are left just can't get a date, I guess. Any female cicadas out there reading this? If so, come to our yard and give these desperate dudes a chance - they just want to pass along some DNA to the next generation.

Oh, and I almost forgot (well, ok, I did forget, but only for a moment) - the first of the annual, "dog-day" cicadas was making noise in our trees yesterday! Yup, one of the green and black guys that comes out every year in groups of 10's per yard rather than 100's or 1000's like the 17-yr ones. The annual cicadas don't usually come out until late in the summer, so I was surprised to hear him.

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