Tuesday, June 01, 2004

The preparations are the most important part, but I hate 'em

This weekend we got ourselves into some home improvement craziness. Ever notice how improving your home always requires a lot of removing and destruction? And then after the destruction comes the really annoying preparations - sanding, patching, leveling, vacuuming, priming, scraping, measuring, etc. I hate that stuff. I was sanding some paneling in the dining room so that I could put primer on it, and it was grueling work. OK, not really grueling, but so terribly annoying. I told Andy (who was ripping up kitchen tiles) that I hate sanding. I hate prep work. I just want to roll the paint on! Andy's reply was, "The preparations are the most important part." I'm glad that I have him to keep me in line and to do the prep work - he enjoys it, or at least he looks like he does.

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