Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Various goings-on

The raspberries in our garden are ripening. We harvested our first 20 berries yesterday. I also pulled weeds in the garden and some of the flower beds. It was the first day I've done any yard work in awhile because of the cicadas. They are still around, but not flying all over like they were. The ones that are still alive are loud but they stay mainly up in the trees.

I also played ultimate frisbee yesterday. It was way hot, but at least the cicadas weren't as much of a problem. I did have 2 run into me, but my reaction wasn't quite as bad as usual. There were also thousands of japanese beetles, but because of the cicadas, I couldn't worry about them. I could only concentrate on one bug species at a time!

We put up some of the new molding/trim in our dining room. The walls are light green and the trim is white. We also bought a big mirror whose frame Andy spray-painted white. We haven't decided for certain on a light fixture yet. We haven't found the perfect one - and we probably never will since what we really want can't be found for the price we want to pay. But I know we'll find something good enough.

Our agency's lawyer in Guatemala who has guardianship of Kevin was tearful when he heard that Kevin has a new family. That makes me feel good to know that he cares about the kids so much.

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