Friday, June 04, 2004

It's a Boy!

Although we already had our hearts and minds on this particular little guy for awhile now, we made our official decision to make it official that we're pursuing adoption of a 2-yr old boy named Kevin! You might think that's a lot of "officials" in one sentence, but that only means you haven't dealt with adoption paperwork before ;-)

I can't post any further details about him, especially not until the adoption is final (which will be in a couple of months.) The adoption will become final in Guatemala at which point he will legally be our son even before we travel to bring him home. The purpose of the trip to pick him up is, well, to pick him up (duh), but also to complete INS paperwork at the U.S. Embassy in Guatemala to bring him into the U.S. legally.

We expect it to be 3-4 months before we get the call that the adoption is final and it's time for us to travel. We will be given updates along the way as our file gets moved through the courts. There is always a chance (until the final judge's decision) that this will not work out for some reason, but it's unlikely we'll have any problems that large. But, it's always possible, so we're keeping that in the back of our minds and warning others to do the same - just in case it does happen.

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