Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Bathtime Milestone

When we first met Kevin, he was afraid of water. He'd drink it well enough, but bodies of water, baths, showers, fountains, etc. were very scary to him. He's slowly learning to not be so afraid and last night Andy helped him cross a major threshold. He took a bath by himself!!

Not long after he came home, we quit giving him sponge baths and we made him get in the tub. Usually Andy was in with him (I think I only was in with him once.) Since then, he's learned to have fun in the tub but it wasn't until last night that Andy was able to convince/coerce Kevin to stay in the tub by himself the entire time. He asked for Andy to join him but Andy ignored his request and distracted him with something else fun to play with. He'd been slowly working toward this, it's not that we just didn't give him something fun to do previously. I'm very proud of Andy for leading Kevin to such a big accomplishment.

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