Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Until We Meet Again, Grandma....

I’ll never forget the ride to your house every year right after Christmas and being welcomed into your warm, cozy, firelit living room to see our handmade, overflowing stockings hanging on the mantel. I’ll never forget the shiny, glittery bell with the string I loved to pull just to hear its tinny rendition of “Silver Bells.” I even remember when I was too small to reach it and had to rely on the kindness of someone else to lift me up. Just last week when we came to visit and introduce you to your newest great-grandson, I asked my mom what ever happened to that bell.

I’ll never forget the summers that I spent at your house playing Russian Bank, making wet walnuts to put on top of our ice cream, and feeding marshmallows to the raccoons.

I’ll never forget the tears in your eyes and the despair in your heart when Grandpa died 15 years ago.

I pray that you are with God now, feeling no pain, giggling like a school girl as you reconnect with the love of your life with whom you shared over 50 years of marriage.

Thanks for being such a special person worthy of so much sadness at this time when we feel like we’ve lost you forever. Until we meet again, Grandma, I will cherish all of the memories I have of you.

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