Sunday, January 02, 2005

Servant Leaders

Jen Lemen wrote 2 posts about her feelings on how leadership should be done. Here is the first and here is the second. Her main point is

i think i just prefer structures and styles of leading that foster creativity and innovation and good relationships. that's the kind of thing that sounds great but is nearly impossible to pull off. because it requires somewhat ego-less leaders or at least people who are seasoned and mature enough to be able to foster these spaces for others. you have to be willing to not always look good or have looking at you not be the point at all.

I know someone who leads like that. I have not personally been "under" her leadership, but I know that this is how she does it. And I know that it works and I know that a church I am quite familiar with really missed the boat by pushing her away from taking a leadership role there. I'm not much of a "what if" game player, but sometimes I find myself wondering "What if she was here and was able to use her ego-less self and her seasoned maturity in a leadership role?" I think it would've been grand and I'm sorry that we missed the chance (nay, threw away the chance) to have her on board. Perhaps other leaders of said church don't agree with the idea of servant leadership being the best way to lead? Seems to me that's what Jesus tried to teach us.

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