Tuesday, January 11, 2005

This doesn't add up

Over the Christmas holiday with Andy off from work and me only working part of my part-time schedule, we let Kevin slip into a later sleep schedule. He also started sleeping longer - even when put to bed at the same time, he was habitually sleeping in later in the morning. This doesn't work well with having to get him out of bed to get ready for daycare on the days that I work.

We put Kevin to bed 15 minutes earlier than usual and he woke up 1.5 HOURS earlier than usual. We figured that must be an aberration as it was only one morning. We didn't get him to bed early for another few days but last night we put him to bed 15 minutes early again. Again, he woke up 1.5 HOURS earlier than usual.

Do two instances make a pattern? (I should probably know that as my college degree is in math) Armed with this possible pattern, what should we do - put him to bed 7.5 minutes early in the hope that he'll wake up 45 minutes earlier than usual and then scale back once more from there in order to get him up at the "right" time? What will this do in the long-term since he won't be getting as much sleep each night as usual? Maybe his daily nap will lengthen... nah, that's never happened even with very few hours of sleep at night. Although I'm learning never to say never when it comes to children.

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