Friday, January 14, 2005

Over the river and through the woods

Yup, we're packing up and heading off to visit Kevin's Great-Grandmothers. Both of my grandmothers are still living but both of my grandfathers have passed. One of Andy's grandfathers is still living but I have not met him. We were supposed to visit my relatives at Christmas time but my mom got sick and we couldn't go and spread her germs all around. So, we're taking the long weekend to drive up to New Jersey to visit all sorts of relatives so that Kevin can meet them and they can meet him.

I've scoured some websites for help with planning a car trip with a toddler and I think I'm ready - but everytime I say that about anything, it fails miserably. So I won't really say it, I'll just whisper it. Shh, don't tell anyone.

The trip up will be split into 2 sections. We'll visit Great-Grandma in her senior care facility in Maplewood, which is about 4-4.5 hours away from us. Maplewood, NJ, by the way, is touted as the birthplace of Ultimate Frisbee, a most awesome sport. We'll visit with her for a couple of hours and then we'll head about an hour north and west to Sussex County to visit Great-Gram. Great-Gram lives with my aunt and uncle so we'll also get to visit with them and hopefully a bunch of my cousins.

You probably think that because we're aiming to leave tomorrow morning by 8:00 am that I'm all packed and ready to go. Not so. I haven't packed a thing. Granted, I set a bag of food and one toy aside in preparation for packing but, I tell you, packing for a toddler is weird in that you have to wait until the last minute for so many things. It's not like he can do without his favorite books for tonight's reading session or his booster seat for tomorrow morning's breakfast, etc. I'm putting every piece of dirty laundry that we have through the washer today so that we're well-prepared for any last-minute spills, drips, falls, etc.

Today I'm also attempting to get some paid work done while at home. Surprisingly, Kevin "allowed" me to get some (non-thinking) work done this morning and now I'm downloading some software I need to install. See, I'm not just wasting time typing up a blog post, I'm multi-tasking.

Have a good weekend, I hope it's a long one for you all. If you're feeling like me, you need it! Although weekends really aren't the same when you have kids, are they.

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